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Registered Charity number 1123562

Extracts from the Trustees’ Report 2017-18


The Brook Trust is an independent grant-giving body that seeks to achieve its objectives by working with and donating to registered charities. The trust has broadly drafted objectives, and the trustees have the discretion to make any grants for purely charitable causes.


The trustees have adopted a policy of focusing attention on some particular core themes in inviting and making donations. In addition, the trust prefers to prioritise causes which are unpopular or hard to fund, and smaller to medium-sized charities.


The Brook Trust has maintained its strategy of concentrating support for two key sectors:


(i) Organisations and programmes providing support for women and children victims of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, including crisis services, after care and rehabilitation programmes; and


(ii) Programmes designed to deliver effective 'early intervention' services to support parents, children and families in breaking cycles of social and economic deprivation and dysfunction, particularly through addressing early years development and young children’s mental health.


In practice these two themes are often found to overlap, given the relatively higher occcurrences of domestic abuse issues among the families most in need of early intervention support. In addition our work in supporting erly intervention has led the Trust to make the decision to fund programmes designed to support the mental health of children, especially within the setting of primary and secondary education.


The Trust supported both national organisations and local or regional charities. Grants were made in support of core costs and front-line services. While the greater part of our funding goes to support ongoing costs and sustaining existing, effective, interventions, we have been pleased to back some innovation and piloting of new services. The Brook Trust is increasingly providing multi-year or continuation funding to organisations with whom we have established successful relationships over time. Continuation funding is subject to appropriate conditions being met, and to charities demonstrating continued and sustainable positive outcomes and impact. The Brook Trust continues to fund a small grants programme to organisations in Kent and Medway. This is delivered by a donation to the Kent Community Foundation which administers the application and monitoring processes. Our Trustees take an active role with the Community Foundation in grant-making decisions. The Brook Trust can and does make certain other donations at the Trustees' discretion, which this year included grants to the DEC for the East Africa famine and Myanmar refugee appeals.


During the year the charity received donations of £2,500,000 and made donations of £1,414,830. Investment income exceeded governance costs by £117,675 and the charity had funds of £7,748,416 available for future donations at the period end.


The trust intends to continue with its current strategy and areas of focus.


(The above are extracts from the Trustees’ Annual Report. The charity’s Financial Statements, including the full Trustees’ Report, is available by downloading from the Charity Commission website  https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/charity-commission or on request from the charity)